4 Keys to Excellent Health

4 Keys to Excellent Health

You want Excellent Health, you know that your healthily functioning body is the most valuable material possession you possess. It’s the first thing of value given to you when you enter this world and you owe it to yourself to value it and increase its functioning value. Today we will give you 4 keys to progressively creating a healthy body and life for yourself so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

The 4 Keys to Excellent Health

Key #1 – Think Right:

“As your mind flows so your life goes.” Meaning – your life is a product of the thoughts you think, which leads to the actions you do, which then creates the results you see. Someone who is 400 pounds overweight cannot lose 100 pounds per year if they continue to think that they must have a pound of ice cream every day to be happy. The key to changing this ingrained habit pattern is to progressively change that way of thinking to one that will produce the right habits/actions and thereby producing the desired results.

Key #2 – Eating & drinking Right:

Consuming the right foods is also very important. Many people find this difficult to do because they have long formed inappropriate eating habits that can be very difficult to change without help. How would you rate your eating habits? Understand that your body is a living organism that uses the food you consume to recreate itself. Before one cell dies, it reproduces another cell from the food you are currently consuming. So think about this: If you had a choice, would you create your body from the nutrients in the food you are currently consuming?

Key #3 – Resting Right:

Rest. It makes sense, doesn’t it? While exercise and exercise are essential to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, rest and sleep allow the body to cleanse, recover, and rejuvenate at a deep cellular level. Feeding your body with lots of healing sleep and rest is essential for it to heal.


Key #4 – Being happy every day:

Now some people would consider the possibility of being happy every day impossible, but I am here to tell you that it is possible. YES, IT IS! How is it possible? To start with, I recommend that you smile for at least one minute as soon as you get up every morning. It doesn’t matter if your life is complete upside down. Smile anyway. There are many benefits to a smile that I won’t go into here, but from a body chemistry point of view, it does the body good. Secondly, I advise you to smile and say HI to as many people as possible during the day.

Just these 2 tips are enough to significantly improve your mood and result in life. My most important tip to be happy every day will be included in an article on called “How to be Happy Every Single Day!

In summary: What is needed?
1. Think carefully
2. Food & Drink Right
3. Resting Right
4. Being happy every day

These 4 components are what is needed to achieve excellent health.


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